Somewhere in the middle of France, South of Cantal, North of Aveyron and North of Lozère, there is a small area called "Aubrac". In fact this area represents less than 500 square km blocked between the rivers Truyère and Lot.
The average altitude is around 1000 m.
This three french departments are one of the poorest departments in France. At the end of XIXst century, due to the Phylloxera (wineyard) disease a lot of people migrated towards Paris in order to find work. The parisians called them "Les Bougnats".
Of course like a lot of immigrated people, this population kept and still keep a strong attraction to their mother country: AUBRAC.
They are now running a lot of restaurants, bistrots or Brasseries in Paris, from the small wine bar to one of the biggest hotel "chez Costes" rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, and it is very common to say "we are going chez le Bougnat for dinner"
We are from this "Group", living in Paris for work but still in love with our region. We enjoy ridding our bicycle across Aubrac, and joining around a good table with wines and Aligot. 


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